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From Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-Siberian

We invite you to a fantastic and unforgettable voyage aboard the legendary Trans-Siberian train!
The Trans-Siberian Railway is the railway which connects Europe to the Far East. However, the most legendary railroad in the world is that which connects Moscow to Beijing and is comprised of 5,600 km of the Trans-Siberian railway and 2000 km of the Trans-Mongolian railway. 
The construction of these lines was an achievement both in the length of path and in the overcome of natural obstacles, such as rivers and mountains. To board the train means to find and defeat the natural and cultural heritage of the countries that connects the two capitals. 
Firstly, Russia, with its European plain with alternating fields and dense forests, wooded territories of the Urals, Siberia where taiga and steppes are crossed by large rivers, and, of course, the beautiful lake Baikal, nestled deep in the mountains of the same name. 
Secondly, Mongolia with its green hills in the North and the ashen dunes of the Gobi Desert in the South.Finally, China, where the Gobi Desert gives place to green hills, and whose "Great Wall" announces the arrival to the Forbidden City of Beijing.
It is on this legendary train that we invite you to travel... The voyage runs from the 7th to the 22nd of September 2013 and is organized by the tourist agency Intermèdes.
For detailed information about the price and day by day program follow this link.

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