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"War and Peace viewed by Russian artists" exhibition

So!Art presents you a fascinating exhibition “War and Peace viewed by Russian artists” dedicated to the Leo Tolstoy’s famous novel. It’s organized by the Leo Tolstoy State Museum in Moscow. The exhibition was already exposed in Paris, Reims and Saint-Dizier. Now it opens its doors in another French city of Le Mans. Then, it will continue its voyage through France and will be shown here till 2015.
The exhibition consists of several panels on the themes of "Leo Tolstoy and his family", "Leo Tolstoy and his protagonists," "War and Peace" and the illustrations made for the novel, from the first ones made by Bachylov up to those of Nikolaev, which are the best known. More than that, a program includes all the illustrations ofthe novel made in Russia, the story of the Tolstoy family, his conception of the novel, the protagonists and their real portraits. And, of course, the exhibition touches on the history of the Russian campaign and the French campaign.
The exhibition contains a great number of manuscripts in French because of the particular love of the author for this language.
In general, the exhibition covers the plot of the novel, the author’s biography and the events of the 1810s.
If you did not read the Tolstoy's novel, it is an opportunity to become familiar with it and to discover your interest to read it.
The exhibition is accompanied by the show of films of Tolstoy and the film extracts linked to the battle of Borodino, music concerts and animation for children. After Le Mans, the exhibition will be shown in Strasbourg, Nice, Cambrai and other French cities.

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