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Marc Chagall: between War and Peace.

On the 21st of February the exhibition dedicated to Marc Chagall will open in the Luxembourg Palace in Paris. The life and the work of this outstanding avant-gardist artist of the XX century were connected both with the Russian and the French cultures. The exhibition will present about 100 works of the artist, entitled “Marc Chagall: between War and Peace”.
                Mark Chagall died in 1985, at 97 years of age. This unconventional artist underwent the Russian Revolution, two World Wars and an exile. These events had changed the life of the artist and thus were reflected on his canvas. The main theme of the exposition “War and peace” intertwines with the traditional motives of the artist such as his childhood in Vitebsk, the Bible, family, love and circus.

The exposition will open with the works created before the First World War and will show the most significant moments in the life of the artist. His expatriation from Russia to France and the escape from the occupied France to the United States in 1941 are depicted on his pictures with an overwhelming feeling of tragedy. Only after his return to France by the end of his life the artist starts to create brighter and more blithesome pictures, with some of them depicting Mediterranean scenery.
Each picture possesses plurality of interpretations and fully reflects the life events and the emotions of the artist. The exhibition will recreate the life journey of the artist and will allow to feel the pain, challenges, love and cravings of one of the greatest artists of the XX century through his works.
The exhibition will last till the 21st of July 2013. The address of the exhibition is Palais du Luxembourg, 15 Rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris.

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